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Hansha Reflection

Hansha Reflection House is a specific residence for a specific site, set to address the ephemeral moments of the surroundings with structural ingenuity and material sublimity. The extensive 3.2 m timber cantilever carries the living and dining areas to accommodate parking for 3 cars. The idea of Reflection becomes a series of unfolded meanings; exterior reflection of surrounding, interior reflection of surroundings, introspective reflection spaces and reflection of the site. The house changes its appearance throughout the day and reflects the surrounding Sakura trees during Spring.

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The Nascimento Chapel is located in a private property at the mountains of Rio de Janeiro. Taking advantage of the topography, a lake was created, so that the construction could hover over it and also works as a mirror for the architecture. Its facade, doubled by reflection, defines the very same curve of its floor plan. The project is based on 3 elements. 4 m wide bridge flies over the water pond. At the end of this bridge a glass box defines the enclosed space. Enveloping this whole set, 25 rectangular steel frames function as brise soleils that bring shade and privacy to the prayer space.

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Eleva School Barra is the most recent unit of an important network of schools in Rio de Janeiro. The project transforms an existing commercial building to receive the complete educational program. The main idea was to eliminate a large part of the ground floor to create a covered patio. It becomes an important axis of circulation and a distribution hub of the school, connecting all the landscaping areas of the complex, with the aide of a central internal garden. The projected external skin works as a brise-soleil and reproduces the wetland landscape around the campus with its immersed roots.

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Goethestrasse 1

Their goal was to transform a very strict development plan into a site-independent architectural form, while the existing trees should become part of the whole. The architecture develops its own scale for the landscape and the built environment. The focus here is the definition of the relationships between inside and outside, the old trees and the architectural form. The play of light and shadow of the trees as well as the reflections of the water surface in front of the glazed facades create intense spatial atmospheres.

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Mobile Living Hall

The "mobile" living hall project, located in Changshu of Jiangsu, refers to a life hall analogous to the Mongolian yurts that hordes live in, which can be disassembled, moved and re-constructed. This design roots in how the proportion between standardized dimensions and aesthetics is balanced and how the harmony between fabricated components and styles is achieved.

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Weihai Hospital of Chinese Medicine

Weihai Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine is situated in a coastal pinus thunbergii forest in the East New Town of Weihai near the sea, which covers a total construction area of around 8000m2. The hospital, as a comprehensive health care facility, enjoys three main parts: programme exhibition center of the East New Town, Kangyang Yile Sanatorium and Medical Care Houses.

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