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This is a facility in Shizuoka, Japan, which has both functions of kindegarten and nursery. Kinari Kindergaten and Nursery has been required to build newly to meet neighbors' needs. This site used to be flourished by textile industries. To make children learn about the local culture and observe it, Ecru called Kinari in Japanese are put as the main design concept here. The building shape, color, material and any other elements are inspired by this concept, as well as the name of this kindergarten and nursery.

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HeFei Fei River Central Smart Garden

The project is located on the axis of the core financial business development area in Hefei. Designers hope to redefine the relationship between buildings, landscape and the public, as well as thereby deriving an interpretation of contemporary public lifestyle. The overall project combines the urban-planning green space, focuses on creating a multi-subject urban-garden type living community.

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Adjoining a lake, the house surrounded by the natural environment signifies an appeased lifestyle, of which the house owner’s childhood experience inspired the design plan that was based on the theme of a magnificent “life,” which reiterates the importance of an excellent house to sustain the quality of life. An exceptional architecture should be built on the basis of people and life, which is incubated by the architecture and space.

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Shanghai Kingboard Center

Portrayed as the gateway of Hongqiao Airport transportation hub, the project is deemed to generate synergy from public and commercial activities. East Tower and West Tower of this project are for office use. These towers are connected by a “sky exhibition hall”, with a rigid connection structure that currently attained the largest span and usable area in China.

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Qin Garden

As Party A settled down overseas, Does Design defined the building as a holiday villa. Unlike traditional holiday villas, it has an ancestral hall. The ancestral hall is not only for ancestor worship, but includes objects relating the past of the old house. In the future, used furniture and objects will be displayed in the room and it will be more like a family museum.After reconstruction, the building can meet needs of accommodation, family gathering and activity of children. Does Design hope it can carry memory, offer comfortable living experience and continue to grow.

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Summit Condo

We redesigned and reorganized the building and the spatial streamline. Through a combination between virtually and reality, a spatial transformation is carried out, which enables a free switch between “open” and “private” spaces, being one body from outdoor to indoor, facilitates the interaction between people and natural space, and meanwhile maintains a sense of privacy.

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